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    I made one


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    I made one Empty I made one

    Post  joji Sun May 24, 2015 10:58 pm

    Hello guys.

    I am not sure if someone is going to read this, but just for the heck of it, I made it ! And it works! First I was expecting to be getting something like 70-80 degrees Celsius. But this fella is boiling water like nothing in about two minutes.
    Will post some vids later. Also will try to measure the pressure.
    First I was following the guide very strictly. And then I had issues finding the right bike steering part. So I deviated from the plan. I am going to use Arduino solar tracker that will be driving small servo for one axis tracking.
    This is the guide I followed for the tracker
    I know this whole thing was designed more for a developing world and that is perfectly ok. All thou I was looking for something else. Something that can be a bit more costly but better performer.
    Something to note as improvements. I noticed that overall construction strength of the collector box itself is not good enough. You will need more "ribs" or thicker wood. I decided to make version 2.0 that will be from iron.
    So far it might be even cheaper than the wood version. You can find my proposed 3d design uploaded here + some extra stuff. File name parabola.skp
    My next plan is to design magnetic levitation and add one more servo for second axis tracking.
    PS: I did not intended to insult the creator or anyone. Actually I am highly grateful for his work. Without him I won't be able to do anything. Thank you !!!

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