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    Solar (Vaccine) Refrigerator


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    Solar (Vaccine) Refrigerator Empty Solar (Vaccine) Refrigerator

    Post  Egregius Fri Jul 22, 2011 4:16 pm

    Well, if you were looking for applications for the idea: Solar Vaccine Refrigerator, although they already have a low-cost solar collector in place. However, perhaps with the sunflower a higher-powered design is possible.

    Either way, I'd think this tech is right up your alley. Wink

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    Solar (Vaccine) Refrigerator Empty Re: Solar (Vaccine) Refrigerator

    Post  Admin Tue Jul 26, 2011 11:30 am

    Yeah, refrigeration is definitely going to need to be an application for this.

    Absorption fridges seem fairly effective, and these guys seem to have a good one going without the need for concentrated solar, but not sure how home makable their rig is. Might need some reverse engineering...

    I haven't looked into it properly, but other ways I know of to refrigerate; simple evaporative cooler, super easy to make but a little more complicated if you don't want to go through quite a bit of water. Or a Stirling motor driven in reverse, possibly by another Stirling motor / turbine etc. These can get things pretty cold, but not sure how well you have to build the Stirling(s) to make it effective. And a third option would be generate electricity and run a conventional fridge.
    Anside from solar, there's some way you can cool using a combustible gas, like LPG or methane from a biodigestor. Campervans use them sometimes, but I'm not sure how they work. And while I think about it, rapid expansion of a compressed gas gets pretty cold too, so you could use a wind turbine to directly power an air pump, compress a cylinder, let the heat dissipate, and tap the gas for coolth.

    And lastly, if you're looking to get things down to the ground temp (usually about 10-16 C):

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